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When we discuss using videos and how it can be enhanced, one of the best ways to go about it is through the utilisation of music. It is one of the best ways to enhance the mood and help channel emotion. Whether your video is about some deep talks or it is light hearted, music can be a very effective way to make sure your viewers stay gripped and stay the course of the entire video.

Sound itself is one of the best senses in the human body, when in tandem with other senses you are sure to see that the body reacts differently. In the case of videos it is always a good idea to combine videos with sound as it fully engages the brain into concentrating on the content. A lot of YouTube video to mp3 content creators know this and utilise it to great effect. But simply using music from a renowned artist or source can get your video slapped with copy right claims and thus stripping you of the revenue your video so rightly deserves.

One of the ways you can navigate through this is by using the content of fellow creators on YouTube. The number one utility of YouTube is perhaps to listen to music and the most video on the website is in fact a music video. There are many song writers and singers who upload their creations and they allow you to download it through sites which can then covert the videos quite easily.

The process is also quite simple; all you need to do is select a very relevant track for your video, preferably one which will fit the theme of the content. After you have done that you can select the URL and paste it on the page of the website, where the software will convert it from YouTube to mp3 online. Once that step is complete, you can simply download it and use an embedding tool to put the track in your video.

What are the advantages of doing so?

The first and foremost is mood and emotion; music is a powerful tool use it in the right context and your viewers can relate better with the content and you will get an audience that simply loves your work. Secondly it makes the video seem more fun and more like a movie rather than a talk or a documentary. For decades the usage of music as soundtracks in movies have primed our  minds to think and feel that the sequence of events unfolding are very dramatic; incorporate the same effect in YouTube and you are sure to get audiences shocked and awed by the quality of the video. Lastly it shows that you as a creator as put in a lot of effort and you are willing to give a lot of time to make videos for the masses, people will appreciate this show of effort and give you the props. All in all there is a serious advantage of adding music and with easy conversion of YouTube to mp3; you can make your videos stand out even more.

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