Eight reasons to buy property in the UAE now

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As per a recent survey conducted, around 76% of residents are interested in and want to purchase a home in UAE. The survey was done by www.LuxuryProperty.com. It was also noted in the survey that the prices of apartment dropped substantially from 3.6 percent between the years 2014 and 2015; whereas the prices for villa dropped around 3.7 percent during the same time. Other than this, the government records also depict that the investment from international investors has drastically increased. There were buyers from almost 142 countries in the year 2015 in Dubai. Also, in Abu Dhabi the buyer confidence has substantially increased due to the real estate regulation and better protection for buyer rights.

The Ras Al Khaimah’s systemic economic expansion is also increasing the demand for property in the region. These are some of the reasons people desire to live in the country. Moreover, there are countless other reasons why people prefer to live in Dubai. Some of them include:

  • Better prices

The property prices are also decreasing in Dubai which makes it the best time to apply for a real estate investment in the region. A recent launch in Dubai has resulted in increase for price of villas from Dh1800 to Dh2700 per square foot. Considering the constant shift in market demand, there is a great number of real estate investors who want to buy and sell in the city.

  • Variety of Available Options: The options and choice for real estate investment has substantially increased in Dubai. Due to a huge perfect competition in market, there are now a huge number of options and diversity of variety available for the investors. The property developers are also consistently try to offer something new in a much cheaper price than the market. This gives customer the power to choose the best from so many options.

    Better value: Some recent real estate market comparisons show that the property worth of Dubai is much higher than other developed cities around the world. Due to a plethora of global factors, there has been a substantial increase in the worth of property invested in Dubai which again makes it an attraction for the real estate investors.

High yields

The real estate sector in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has seen a consistent rise and steady progress for around a decade now. The property prices also remain strong and consistently increase, which makes it one of the highly desirable and in demand destination from rest of the world. The high price of rental returns in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is also due to substantial demand from the customers.Capital gains

Another attractive feature of buying property in Dubai is the capital gain in this region. According to a Knight Frank’s October report on global hubs, Dubai outperforms London, New York and Hong Kong when it comes to the home value and global worth of property.

6) Tax-free returns

The major concern for real estate investors throughout the world is tax. The success of a property in the long run is dependent on the factors associated with taxes.

7 Stricter laws

Another major reason for investors interested in Dubai real estate property market is the strict laws. A huge number of laws make any kind of corruption or fraudulent activities difficult to happen.

8 Safe haven

The United Arab Emirates is consistently considered among the safest places in the world. In fact, due to the extremely high political stability, excellent connectivity, favorable business climate and strong economic prosperity; the UAE in general and Dubai in particular have become the best place to reside in.

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