Explore Ratnagiri through the Deccan Odyssey


Ratnagiri, a famous small port city in Sindhudurg which is a great itinerary option of the Deccan Odyssey. Ratnagiri is known for natural attractions alongside Arabian sea with numerous beaches. Historically also there is a lot to see in Ratnagiri. The Deccan Odyssey opted this small port city in its itinerary packages to show its wonders.

To reach Ratnagiri in Sindhudurg through the Deccan Odyssey, you have to select the Maharashtra Splendor package. This itinerary package of the Deccan Odyssey train will take you to Sindhudurg. From there you can reach Ratnagiri easily.


Due to a port city, here you can see many tourist attractions of the Arabian sea. Apart from beaches, here some temples and historic monuments also very famous and popular.

Here is the list of top tourist attractions of Ratnagiri to see.

  1. Bhatye Beach:

Bhatye Beach is a pleasant and calm beach with rushing waters. The environment around the sea is so pleasant and tranquil. In Ratnagiri, Bhatye beach is the best destination for family picnics. The long 1.5km coastal stretch of the beach is the best for leisure walks enjoying nature.

The main attraction of the beach is its Kohinoor point. Here you can capture the beautiful sunset and sunrise views. However, the black color waters and soft waves create a pleasant environment here.

  1. Ganapatipule Beach:

Ganapatipule Beach is a mix of devotion and Joy. This beach is very famous in Ratnagiri which receives a large number of tourists. To this beach hordes of people will come to visit the ancient Ganesha temple near the beach. The Ganapatipule beach also spots adventurous sports also.

Other attractions of the beach mean delicious food stalls near the beach and this beach also the best spot for sunset and sunrise views.

  1. Ratnagiri Lighthouse:

Ratnagiri Lighthouse is a must visit place to experience the attractions of the port city. The location of the lighthouse is very attractive one side with the Ratnadurg Fort and the other side by the Arabian sea. The scenery of the imposing lighthouse by the two side attractions looks very admiring.

The major attractions of the lighthouse are its facilities like storm and radio sensors, sodium lamp to lead the ships in the sea. The tall 16mts high lighthouse is the best place to have 360-degreee view of the Arabian sea. Atmosphere around the lighthouse will be so peaceful and pleasant.

  1. Ratnagiri Fort:

Ratnagiri Fort is a famous historic attraction in Ratnagiri and also it is known as Ratnadurg Fort. The location of the fort near the sea with scenic attractions is the major tourist attraction of Ratnagiri. Ratnagiri fort was built by Sultans and later it was taken by Chhatrapati Shivaji.

The fort comprises four main parts. They are divided into numerous forts and temples. The major attraction of this fort is Bhagwati temple. Every year during the Navaratri festival this temple will be visited by a large number of people. A must visit place to know about the history of Ratanagiri.

  1. Temples:

Ratnagiri is very famous for a number of temples. Spiritually, Ratnagiri is also a well-known city in Sindhudurg. Here you can experience many ancient temples also which are known for exquisite architectural attractions. The most famous temples of Ratnagiri are Shri Keshavraj temple, Marleshwar temple, and famous Shri Devi Bhagwati temple in Ratnagiri fort etc. All these temples of Ratnagiri are very famous for different deities.

These are the tourist wonders and attractions of Ratnagiri. Know more about the Deccan Odyssey train price and never miss the beach experience of Ratnagiri.

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