GRE tips for people taking it for the first time


Every year students from all over prepare and sit for various competitive exams hoping to be able to pursue their Master’s degree from a renowned foreign university. There are many competitive exams that you can give to help you get into good foreign institutions, of which some are even subject specific, but the Graduate Record Examination or GRE is known to be one of the most vital ones for getting into Ivy League colleges.

The scores obtained in GRE are also required as a criterion for selection in jobs. It consists of three parts- Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The test is quite difficult to ace and requires hard work and diligence. Taking GRE coaching can help you get started and understand the concepts better. You also need to learn time management as you won’t get infinite time to answer all the questions. You will have to learn how to complete the test as soon as possible, so that you are also left with enough time for revision.

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind while preparing for the test:

  1. You need to start your preparation for the test at a minimum of six months before the exam. You will need this much time to prepare for the exam as you need to be thoroughly familiar with the test pattern and the type of questions they might ask you. You will also need time to identify all your weaknesses and then practise them so that you don’t make a mistake on the exam day. By taking mock tests you will be able to identify the parts you are weak in sooner and be able to work on them better.
  2. By looking at the syllabus given for GRE you might start panicking at first. But you have no reason for panic at all. If you start early, you will have ample time to complete the syllabus. Also by brushing up on your skills you will be able to perform better in most of the parts of the tests. You just need to enhance all your strong areas and work on the weak parts.
  3. You should book your test slots beforehand. This way you will have a clear idea on the exact test date. This will keep you motivated and push to work harder as the test day gradually approaches.
  4. A GRE preparation course will tell you always to strategize effectively before starting your preparation. Have a clear idea on which parts you should put more focus on. Identifying all your strengths and weaknesses will help you do that. Spend more time preparing the parts which you are not that sure of.
  5. Having proper study material is the key to acing the GRE test. You have to keep all your materials ready and handy and use them on a daily basis to keep all the parts in your mind. Practising sample papers and mock tests are a good way to keep a track of your progress. Check the parts where you made a mistake and improve hem.

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