How to Tackle the Challenges of Offering Customer Support for Your Web Hosting Business

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Every website has a unique hosting requirement. While a hosting company can afford to have the necessary resources to offer customer support, Reseller Web Hosting providers usually find themselves in a bit of a bother. If you are running your hosting reseller business from home, then handling the complex queries can be an overwhelming task. While most hosting resellers rely on the hosting company to offer customer support, it is important to be able to tackle certain queries themselves in order to avoid delays. In this article, we will talk about the challenges faced by hosting resellers in offering customer support and how they can tackle them.

Should you offer in-house support or outsource it from a technical helpdesk?

There are many businesses which offer outsourced technical support to hosting resellers. Many resellers are unsure if they should handle the queries in-house or outsource them to such organizations. While in-house support can ensure that you have complete control over the quality of service rendered, it is impossible to offer 24×7 services. On the other hand, an outsourced helpdesk will be available 24×7, but you might not have complete control over the quality of service. Also, you will need to factor in the costs involved with outsourcing.

We recommend that when you start your business, keep the support function in-house. Specify the times of the day when you will be available and do your best to keep your clients happy. As your business grows, hire a company to manage the queries during non-peak hours and slowly move the entire support function to them.

Non-critical queries delay the critical ones

Let’s say that two customers are trying to reach you for support – one wanting your assistance in installing WordPress plugins and the other facing a security breach on his website. Ideally, you would want to tackle the security issue first. However, if the former client reaches you earlier, then you need to ensure that you resolve his problem before talking to the next client.

This can be managed by adding an exhaustive list of FAQs on your website to help solve basic problems with ease. This will save you time as well as keep your customers happy.

Is the Hosting Company providing good quality support?

Being a hosting reseller, you are the web host for your clients. However, maintaining the server and handling complex queries are managed by the hosting company. Hence, it is important to partner with a host who has similar business principles as you. This will ensure that the support function is smooth and your clients are happy. Before buying a reseller hosting plan, talk to the provider, and assess the level of commitment to support.

Summing Up…

As a hosting reseller, you must understand that the websites of your clients are there for business. Any glitch or downtime directly impacts their business and reputation, and they will contact you at such times. If you cannot offer good customer support, then you risk losing them and earning a bad name. Hence, ensure that you plan your support function well before you start the hosting reseller business.

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