Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew Technology Had On Home Improvement

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Technological innovations. It has become a fad for people to think only about industrial improvement, interstellar travels in connection with technological innovations. Yet, the best technological changes have happened in the home improvement sector. In this article we will discuss on the details. The focus will be, mostly, on Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, the changes have made the Indian human home smarter. The reason – you can control every appliance and aspect of homes via the mobile apps.

In future, your children will have access to a more greener living environment. The reason, even the manufacturers of branded electronic appliances are designing energy-efficient appliances. Kindly see the advertisements in the local newspaper. Have you seen a branded washing machine advertisement in the local newspaper? It says, for a specific load of cloth, you can use less water compared its other old counterparts.

Now will we go into the details?

1. Home Automation Systems

No, the time has not yet come, where every appliances works just by the snap of your fingers. To be honest, the situation feels as if of a science fiction movie. Let us imagine a situation in the 1980s. At that time, government telephones were the order of the day. Let us imagine a comical situation. Nostradamus had predicted about a device. You can speak to your far-off relatives. If this situation was in the 1980s, even HE would have been labelled a joker. But it has happened. The Mobile. Similarly home automation systems are already on the way.

Home automation or smart products work in excellent co-ordination with each other. Thus, they make your dwelling a easier place to live. Home automation allows you to remote control many  functions of smart appliances. They also have enhanced security options.

  1. What are the tools you need for a smarthome?

Only two. You need only a smartphone and wireless router.

So, what can a smart home do?

You get –

  • Self regulation of energy output and temperature
  • You can remote control the appliances and lights
  • Lock and unlock doors via the mobile phone
  • Monitor the property with small security cameras

You can also receive alerts on the phone. If you do not want them, there are options of even dislocation of the device. But this fact is clear. A smart home consists of many electronic appliances working together via the network (wireless). So, they do the work, instead of the old method. You have to walk around.

3. Living Room Appliances

Have you seen the living room of the 2000s? There were big cathode ray televisions, large stereo boxes in every corner of the room. Not to mention the wires in every nook and corner. Now, in 2018, the trend has changed. You have appliances better than the prior decade. They are small, flexible but offer more than the required level of services. Will we take a look?

  • Small wireless speakers kept on tiny shelves, give good audio sound. Now consider the compared to the big stereo boxes placed in corners.
  • Music catalogs have long gone. Pandora is the recent preferred option.
  1. Changes in Watching Entertainment Programs

Apple TVandRokuhave successfully captured many of the loyalists of cable tv in their fold.

Have you gone to a posh colony or lived in apartments with software engineers? Many of them have subscribed to Hulu and Netflix. There was a time, when Indians only had Doordarshan. Their only option to television programmes. Then the 1990s came. With foreign channels such as Star TV, ESPN and many more. Now it is the year 2018 after two decades. The change has occurred. It is private entertainment services such as Netflix, Hulu stealing the show.

The message is clear. Today’s generation want the best and only the best. And they can go the extra mile. Even if it means paying a large amount of money higher than their income. You have teenagers and millennials who want to watch what they want, in their own timings. They have one factor in common. Most of them do not prefer watching on television. They like to watch from their tablet, mobile, smartphone or set top box.

5. Smart Appliances

Smart home appliances

No, it is not only living room or hall that has seen the positive side of smart technology. It has also made a heart warming entry to the Indian kitchen. How else, would you account for the smart washing machines, smart refrigerators and smart dishwashers in the market?

They are the most desired appliances online and in brick & mortar stores. Most of the products, you find in LG and Samsung.

With the refrigerator app, you can check the contents of in the freezer during shopping. Went out and forgot to switch off the washing machine? No issues. You can stop it by your smartphone. There are also dishwasher models that know the amount of water to use for a load. So, you get the idea. Yes, they all help to make your house a noble place to live in. But there is also another important point. The brand company has designed future models to save energy. In other words, for a greener future.

Do you live in a old home of the 1970s? It is old, but strong. Do you doubt, that the smart appliances cannot work in your home. Think again. As mentioned before, the appliances need just a smartphone and a wireless router.

On the one side, there is the Internet of Things. On another, it is robots who are fast making an appearance in the low level industry jobs. The world has come to a full circle. Now will we take two or three simple examples of electronic appliances in the kitchen? The content will quell your doubts.

6. Refrigerator


Which is the electronic appliance that gets the largest traffic in kitchen? Forget the microwave oven? It is the fridge. In fact, it can get traffic even at night, when children sneak to eat the ice cream or chocolates. Do you want a smart fridge? Then try the Samsung Family Hub. Like other appliances, you have a touchscreen as the control center. You can send messages, check temperature, watch TV or listen to music. Will you believe that there are three cameras inside the refrigerator?

7. Dishwasher


Like we mentioned before, technology and energy efficiency have much in common. The

LG LDT8786ST dishwasher is one among the smart dishwashers. It eliminates water waste effectively. The wash is perfect, the reason, because of three sensor cameras. They keep track of areas on the dish already cleaned. What more could you ask for?

8. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

Now with your permission, will we step into the other most popular topic of recent times? Augmented reality. The reason for excitement, that augmented reality has found use as a e-store tool. Let us imagine a situation. You are an impulsive shopper and want to buy a new chair. How to check if it can fit in your home? With augmented reality store apps, you can solve the challenge. All you need is to point the mobile camera in the location of your home, where you want the chair to be. Still, future prospects are available. We are speaking about Virtual Devices.

  1. Home Maintenance Companies

Home maintenance companies

Even the services sector have changed. Before two decades, if a refrigerator gets repaired in a city such as Bangalore, what will the owner do? He/she will first search for warranty. If it has expired, then it is time to depend on referrals. No, then there are always the listing websites. Yet, to say the least, the job is tedious. And you do not know if the professional you have selected, called to your home has the necessary skills. There are chances, that he may do more harm than good to the appliance.

A new set of companies on the horizon known as home maintenance companieshave emerged on the horizon. For refrigerator repair in Bangalore, you have to download the app, and then search for the relevant service. You have a set of vendors to choose from, as per your budget and time convenience. The concerned professional will come and then fix the problem. And the greatest advantage, you can book a service from any place.

  1. Smart Home Locks

smart home

Prior to 2015, every family going to a vacation, needed to lock the main door of their house. Now, the situation has changed. You have smart locks to control from a distance via the app. Do you have a dog pet, that is not part of the vacation? You can employ the pet trainer to take the dog for a walk in the morning. The main door, you can open only for the trainer to take the pet out. And then close. The other parts of the home, you can monitor with home surveillance cameras.

  1. Temperature of Home

You can maintain the temperature of home via the Thermostat. You can with ease, control this device via the computer, PC or tablet. The latest addition to the models in the market have more sensors. In addition, they also have furnace monitor and geofencing support. 


The primary aim of technology was to make human life easy. Yes, that is the truth. Right from the days, human ancestors invented the wheel to the aeroplane. It is the convenience of humans, for humans. It is a fact, that the standard of living has definitely improved with the recent spate of technology in home appliances. It is a win-win situation. Kudos!

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