The Essentials for a Small Office | Office Essentials Checklist | Office Furniture Idea

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If your office is small and you do not want it to appear overcrowded and crowded today we tell you the essentials for a small office. Organize yourself well and have everything you need at hand even in a small space, its possible! There is no magic formula but surely by applying a series of ideas and your imagination you will be able to create a small but comfortable and efficient office in which to develop all your talent.

Use the color in your benefit

The color helps us visually expand the space or on the contrary, subtract meters. The simplest option for a small office, is to choose light and bright colors that help you give a greater sense of spaciousness. Whites, creams and crudes are ideal for your office to look bigger and also to help you have greater luminosity. But pastel shades can also be a good choice. The roof is another element that we can use to our advantage. If we paint it white or the same color as the rest of the walls, we will gain meters.

The chromatic unit of space also helps, especially with white or lighter shades. If the table is light and also in the same color as the walls we will achieve the effect of a much more transparent and less overloaded space. The furniture that rests on the wall in the same color that this tab helps creates that effect.

Light table in a small office

The minimum possible furniture and always to be able to be nothing heavy or with too dark tones. But you cannot miss a good work table, better than just enough to not overload. For this reason it is better to opt for the lighter materials visually, such as glass or metals on the legs. Tables with thin metal legs or glass that help to let the view go through and give depth. Thin panels and in light colors to be able to be confused with the walls. Boards not too thick to avoid being heavy.

The straight lines are perfect for small spaces as they do not overload. Or the transparent plastic chairs or metal skate-type legs. It is also important to eliminate from our space everything that is not necessary to achieve even more space and keep what is really useful. The goal is to let the view go by to gain meters!

Choose a good chair

The office chair is very important, since we will spend many hours sitting there. Therefore it is important that they are comfortable, breathable and fit well to our needs. Too stiff chairs are not beneficial for our back if we have to spend many hours in them. Although in many of the images of home offices we see lounge chairs we recommend that you look for an office chair if you are going to spend enough hours in it. Your health and your back will thank you.

Take advantage of the light

Light is key in decoration but if it is about winning meters … even more! Let the light invade everything. Placing the table under the window is always a good idea. We lighten the center of objects and also give prominence to the windows, where all eyes will go when entering. The curtains are also made of light fabrics that let the light pass well.

If we do not have natural light we should try to find an adequate lighting and for this the best thing is the use of different types of light, of course, but also standing and some auxiliary light on the desk for more meticulous work. Light will help us create a wider space effect, so we should not forget about it.

Lots of order

Having everything in place and well ordered will help us not to let the space fall on us and look much more open and spacious. For this, it is best to reduce the necessary objects as much as possible and to clean them periodically, eliminating all the superfluous items that we have not used in recent months. At the work table, better only the essential. But also help us with drawers and low cabinets, shelves on the wall and everything that can help us gain space but without being heavy.

It will also help you to review our article on how to organize your desktop and always keep in mind that less is more. The fewer objects and papers you have on the table and the view in your office, much better

The essential accessories

In spite of everything we must have a whole series of elements that help us to develop our work. To do this, study your needs well, which elements are those that you make intensive use of and must have on hand? Also which can be saved because they are used more sporadically? Finally all those that we have by habit but that in reality we no longer use. Surely you get a lot of extra space if you do this analysis well. The method can help you know what necessary, take advantage of it is!

Get the most out of the space

Yes, we have little space but we can make the most of it. Taking advantage of corners and areas that in principle may seem lost but with custom furniture or a bit of imagination we can surely get you performance. No space is lost; you just have to study it well until you find the solution for it! Perhaps it is the perfect space for a hidden closet or for a small shelf that will avoid having so many items on the table.

Adapt it to you

Never forget that to work at ease and give the maximum we must be in an environment that invites us to it. That is why it is important that our office has our personal touch. Also, that is made to our measure or at least as much as possible. Family or travel memories, a special calendar with pictures of friends, that mug that makes us smile or cactus. All these details will help us feel happier and give our best. Adapt your office to you! But without overspending or overloading space. The key is balance

In the end, what is essential in an office is what you need. So first be clear about your needs and how you would like to work and then apply these ideas. You will get a small but perfect office Workstation furniture for you. Also feel comfortable when working is important because it helps us achieve better performance and more motivation. We hope you like these ideas!

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