What is Wscanner Cleaner | Removal guide

Removal guide

As promoted by its masters and creators. WScanner is a legitimate site designed to enhance the speed of computer systems and clean junk files and residual files.

Caution Note!

Unfortunately, the application does not work on similar line as claimed by its developers. After many testing’s, it is evident that the app only gives fake scan results.

As per cybersecurity researchers, users are advised not to go by the first look of WScanner, as what lies behind the screen is a lot different.

What’s the real cause of the issue?

There are particular registries of each program that is enlisted on the PC, for fast loading of a specific application in future. These records are bona fide and do not cause any inconveniences, yet WScanner will flag them as noteworthy issues which needs prompt consideration.

WScanner is designed explicitly to flag issues which actually are not issues and won’t ever cause any execution issue on your PC.

For instance, the registries utilized by Microsoft Outlook are categorized as low-level threats by WScanner trying to fake things to individuals who are technologically not very sound with specific terms.

It additionally offers to provide an instant answer to the issues.

But the trial version does not enable to provide ready solutions, and there a catch to it.

To enjoy its enhanced services, you need to pay for the services.

For a few clients paying a couple of bucks won’t be a major thing but rather paying them to no end will urge them to proceed with this trick battle.

Only because of our carelessness computer virus like WScanner have been energetically plundering clients.

In instances when users do not pay for the application. It still stays on your framework and will begin streamlining your Windows as indicated by its necessities and covertly assemble information based on your regular exercises.

Following their Privacy Policy, it says that WScanner will screen and record the site utilization data, newsletter enlistment, gifts, discussion forum enrollment, feedbacks, and purchases.

Moreover, it effectively records information about the O.S and program. Last, or whatever, it can likewise record email addresses even though it has no plans of gathering individual data.

Since we have known the truth how about, we put a conclusion to this extortion application by announcing and uninstalling it.

Final Words

As mentioned in various testimonies by Microsoft, alterations, and modifications in registry cleaner entries may result in serious issues.

As per cybersecurity researchers and security tools, this tool is identified as an unwanted tool and should be avoided at all cost.

Having a program like WScanner is of least significance, as it utilizes a considerable chunk of system resources and does not add to the functioning of the system.

Propagation methods

The most notable and quickest way of invasion deployed by WScanner is Bundling. Using this method a lot of unwanted threats gets installed on your computer system along with freeware programs.

Users are recommended to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions mentioned in the download procedure and ensure unchecking all unwanted checkboxes.

Careless installation may result in a compromised PC with PUP

Often in a rush to download freeware and shareware programs, users skip reading the details mentioned in the License Agreement.

Reading the terms and conditions is a lengthy process, However, if the download procedure offers a Custom and automatic installation option, it is essential that the users use the customs process always.

Also, it is imperative to uncheck all boxes for unwanted toolbars and plugins.

Removal steps of WScanner

Both Automatic and manual steps of removal are available. However cyber security experts recommend the use of automated actions.

Here we will discuss both automatic and manual ways of getting rid of WScanner.

Automatic Methods

Automatic methods are preferred over manual methods as they provide assured results and removes PC threats effortlessly in a matter of seconds.

Choose a good anti-malware software and download it for system security. Follow below-mentioned steps.

  1. Download a sophisticated antivirus module using a genuine link.
  2. Press “Run Button.”
  3. Click “Start Scan” button post successful installation.
  4. A list of the detected virus will get displayed on your PC screen.
  5. Press the “Clear Now” button, in the end, to erase WScanner from your PC.

Manual Methods

  • Open the Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously. Search for WScanner in the application tab and if found select and click on End task to remove WScanner.
  • Now, Open control panel from the Start menu, same can also be opened by holding the Windows key + R key simultaneously. In the “Run” window type control and press ok. From the control panel click on Add/Remove Programs. A list of all program will be displayed on your computer screen.
  • From Task Manager, close all program associated with WScanner and end them.
  • Press Windows key + R, to open the ‘run’ box and enter ‘services.msc’ and press ok. Disable all services related to WScanner.
  • Press Windows Key + R and type ‘taskschd.msc’ and hit enter.

From the Windows Task Scheduler choose all related items and deactivate them.

  • Type ‘regedit.exe’ in the run box to open Windows registry and press ok.

Right-click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wscanner and select Delete to get rid of WScanner.

  • Delete the given files by opening the “RUN” box again by pasting the location “c:\Program Files (x86)\Wscanner\secure.”











Prevention Tips. Final Advice!

In addition to WScanner removal steps, it is also essential that we carry utmost precaution while performing online activities and using the internet space.

Cited below are few of the essential steps.

  • Ad-Blocker software- Use an efficient Ad blocker tool to guard your system against all contaminated pop-up banners and notifications.
  • Updated Windows Version: Updating your Windows version with latest security patches reduces system vulnerabilities and lessen the possibility of attaching by zero-day malware.
  • Third Party installation- Make sure that you only use reliable and genuine weblinks for all your downloading needs,
  • Email Protocol– Spam email is a notable source of WScanner. It is essential that you properly check the sender’s details before accessing such emails.
  • Regular Backup: Keeping a system backup lessen the effects of virus attack to a significant degree. Users are recommended to take periodic backups of their system files and vital data.

Description: – WScanner is a legitimate site designed to enhance the speed of computer systems and clean junk files and residual files. In this article, you can get real information about Wscanner and removal guide.

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