Why Do Grown-Ups have Wrinkles?

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Wrinkles are the most unattractive and annoying folds, ridges or creases on the skin. Normally when people grow old wrinkles starts to appear on the surface of their skin. But also if you spend a lot of time in water then your skin might develop wrinkles. The first place where we get wrinkles in our face because the facial skin is supposed to stretch a lot as a result of facial expressions we make throughout the day. Every time we make a facial expression like laughing, smiling, pouting, squinting in the sunlight, frowning out of anger or making silly faces etc, our skin gets stretched and because of this tiny lines starts to develop below the surface of the skin. Over the time, as we grow up or get old our skin becomes thinner and dryer and also loses its elasticity as a result of which it becomes saggy and there is a visible appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Wrinkles develop not only on a person’s face but it may also develop on some other parts of the body as well. There are certain factors that decide when and where wrinkles can appear such as smoking, sun damage, consuming certain medicines, losing a lot of weight, dehydration, environmental and genetic factors etc. Wrinkles generally appear in all those parts of the body that are directly exposed to sun’s damaging rays such as the face, neck, the back side of hands and arms as well. To be very honest nobody appreciates wrinkles and nobody would want to look like a hag and for that some people spend a huge amount of money on treatments to remove or delay the annoying wrinkles and fine lines. Not all these therapies give the same results as they claim. These therapies make great claims but often they fail to prove their ability. Some of them might give moderate or significant effects on the customers and some may have very considerable success but most such therapies are transitory and do not give long-term results.

With aging comes wrinkle as they are an inevitable part of aging and comes naturally along with the aging process. As you grow up your skin starts to become thinner, drier and loses the elasticity that it had when you were much younger. As a result of all this, slowly and gradually, your skin loses its ability to protect itself from damage due to which wrinkles, creases, and fine lines develop on the skin. Facial expressions are yet another major factor that leads to wrinkles on the skin. Throughout the day we repeatedly change our facial expressions, sometimes we smile or laugh, sometimes we frown out of anger, sometimes we make silly faces, we even squint when we go out in the blazing sun and all these can cause wrinkles and fine lines even at a young age. Researchers have found out that every time we use our facial muscle to make any expression, a groove is formed under the surface of the skin.

The skin of a young person is highly elastic and can spring back but as you grow up the skin loses its elasticity and becomes less flexible day by day. There are a number of avoidable environmental factors that lead to skin damage. Exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun is one such factor that has a damaging effect on the collagen, a protein that helps grow new skin cells. Collagen is where we have the stretchy fibers also known as elastin that allows our skin to stretch and get back to its normal position. Smoking and drinking alcohol tend to dry out the skin and make it prone to wrinkles as well.

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