Best PDF Software for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 – Cost Effective Utilities

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Most of the users keep their documents and files in PDF file format as they are most secure and preferred type of document format. Portable Document Formats are almost used everywhere whether it is a business transaction, office documents, university forms etc. PDF offers a wide range of features and advantages over another type of file formats.

Sometimes users search for a software for organizing PDF files because at times it becomes a very difficult task to handle multiple PDF documents. Therefore, in this write-up, we are going to discuss best PDF software for Windows 10 Operating system. However, as we know there are numerous software available, but it becomes a complicated situation for the user to select one PDF software. Hence, to make easier we come with the best PDF Management Tools.


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Why to Choose Desktop PDF Softwares over Web Services?

While selecting the desktop software, one common question arises in every user’s mind that is Why to select desktop software over Web services? The main reason behind the selection of desktop software is the security factor. There are many PDF management services available online. These services are usually available at free of cost, the user just needs to upload the PDF file which he/she wants to perform the operation. For most of the users, it is convenient and quick. But there are various shortcomings associated with the online PDF utilities. The user has to upload a PDF file while working with online PDF tools. This means that a copy of your file might be stored on the server of the PDF management service provider. This is very risky as your PDF file may contain highly private or confidential data. Moreover, user-interface of an online PDF software is very complicated as compared to desktop-based PDF software. Sometimes, PDF web services do not provide accurate results as expected by the users. Also, there might be a chance of file corruption. Thus, it is not a reliable approach to adopt an online software for organizing PDF files. On the other hand, desktop PDF software is reliable and efficient. No data security and data loss risk are associated with desktop software.

Features of Desktop Based PDF Programs for Windows 10

There are numerous features associated with desktop PDF software which makes them unique and productive than online PDF services. Some of the features are given below:

  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless PDF editing solutions
  • Easy installation process
  • Advanced functioning capabilities
  • Maintain data security
  • No alteration in the content of PDF files

Trustworthy, Efficient & Best PDF Software for Windows 10

In this section, we are going to introduce the best PDF programs for Windows 10 operating system. The utilities that come under the list are given below.


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Some Converter Softwares for Windows 10

1. Image to PDF Converter

This software allows the users to save various image files of a different format into PDF file format. The user can easily convert JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. into PDF. Some of the benefits of Image to PDF converter are given below:

  • Convert various images to Portable document format in just a few clicks
  • The user can convert GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PCX etc. into PDF
  • Allows the user to create and store all the images in single PDF or create a PDF per Image
  • The tool offers an instant preview of the images inside the document before saving it into PDF format
  • There is no requirement of Adobe Acrobat to convert images to PDF format

2. EPUB to PDF Converter

It is one of the best software for organizing PDF files it enables the user to convert eBooks of EPUB format to PDF files in a batch. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface which makes easy for the users to work with it. There are numerous features of EPUB to PDF converter.

  • Permits the user to export various EPUB files from any source into PDF format
  • The user can also set the password for each EPUB files separately or commonly
  • The utility allows the user to convert and create a single PDF file for each EPUB file
  • The user can convert EPUB files of any size into PDF in a hassle-free way
  • No need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on the system for the conversion process

Best PDF Software for Windows – Freeware Utilities

1. Split and Merge Software

This tool permits the user to merge different PDF files. The user can also split large PDF document by page or range. Some of its features are:

  • The tool provides an option to split PDF by pages, range, even pages, and odd pages
  • The user can also add particular folder or files to merge PDF in a batch
  • There is no limitation on the number of PDF files to merged
  • Maintains the originality of PDF documents
  • The utility is compatible with all the types of PDF

2. PDF Toolbox

With PDF Toolbox, the user can easily compress, convert and extract text and images from PDF files in a batch. Some of the advantages of PDF Toolbox freeware are:

  • The user can easily handle large PDF files by compressing and reduce size of PDF files
  • The user can convert PDF files to PDF/A format in batch
  • With PDF Toolbox, the user can extract text from various PDF files at once
  • No changes are made in the PDF file content after the PDF compression

3. PDF Watermark

Another best PDF Software for Windows 10 is Freeware PDF Watermark. With this tool, the user can insert text or image watermark on various PDF without Adobe Acrobat. The utility maintains the data security and data integrity.

  • The user can add both text or images as Watermark on the PDF files
  • The user can modify the color, size, and placement of any added text
  • Compatible with multiple image types such as JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG etc.
  • The tool allows the user to set the transparency level of the PDF watermark
  • The user can unlock secured PDF before adding image or text watermark on it
  • The software generates a summary report that consists of all the watermark details

4. PDF Form Filler

PDF Form Filler is an effective software for organizing PDF file forms. It is used to open, fill and edit text in the PDF forms.

  • The user can easily edit text in the PDF form using this freeware
  • The tool also provides the option to clear all the filled data present in the form
  • PDF Form Filler permits the user to save and export data from fillable PDF forms
  • For a more clear view, the utility provides Zoom In/Out options

Some Other PDF Software for Windows 10

1. PDF Bates Numberer

This software allows the user to insert bates number and Bates stamp on various PDF files in bulk. The utility is associated with amazing features. Some of them are discussed below:

  • The utility generates and adds page number on different PDF file pages at once
  • Based on the combination of PDF files the user can add page number on PDF files
  • The tool permits the user to add bates numbers to PDF files and then print it
  • The user can also remove encryption from the PDF files and then add page number to it
  • The software provides multiple formatting options for adding bates number to PDF files

2. PDF Recovery

PDF Recovery is one of the best PDF software for Windows 10. It is mainly designed to repair and recover data from corrupt PDF files and provide the healthy PDF files.

  • The software allows the user to repair corrupt PDF file data and then create a new PDF
  • The tool recover PDF file without any changes in the original file
  • The user can save the healthy PDF file in a new location
  • The utility supports all the PDF formats and its versions

3. PDF Unlocker

Another software for organizing PDF files is PDF restriction remover utility. The user can reset and remove PDF password restrictions in a seamless manner. The tool is integrated with different features which makes easy for the user to work with it.

  • The software removes PDF restrictions such as Printing/Editing/Copying/Extracting text
  • The user can unlock PDF file from owner level password security
  • The tool allows the user to remove PDF comment protection
  • The software also removes document assembly restriction from PDF files

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4. PDF Watermark Remover

The PDF Watermark Remover tool, allows the user to remove watermark from PDF file. The software allows the user to delete watermark from multiple PDF files in a batch.

  • The tool allows the user to eliminate embedded images like the logo, stamp, signature etc.
  • The software only remove watermarks from Adobe Acrobat PDF files
  • The quality of the resultant PDF files is maintained by the tool
  • There is no change in the content of the PDF files
  • The user can save the resultant PDF at any location as per his/her needs

Final Words

There are many users who search for software for organizing PDF files in order to perform various tasks related to PDF files. However, there are many tools available, so the user is not able to pick a reliable and easy-to-use tool. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed best PDF software for Windows 10, also these all tools are available in a PDF Toolkit worth $229. This will help the users to pick the most trustworthy and efficient software.

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