How should you prepare for the GRE?

How should you prepare for the GRE

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is conducted by the non-profit educational testing organisation Educational Testing Service (ETS). The test is one of the most sought assessments for graduate admission aspiring to pursue master’s in science or graduate studies abroad. It is held multiple times in the year and aspirants can appear for the exam from their respective test centres. There’s also the option to attend from home with the ‘GRE at Home’ facility. However, candidates would be required to meet prerequisites and an environment that’s feasible to attend the exam before they can avail of this option. Thousands of graduate programmes throughout the world accept GRE test scores that are available 10 to 15 days after the test date for master’s and doctorate degrees.

Why take the GRE?

In addition to being one of the most popular and widely accepted exams by universities for admission to graduate programmes, students interested in MS programmes, MBA programmes, professional degree programmes, or thesis work must take the GRE General Test or GRE as part of the university admissions process.

When should you take the GRE?

Candidates should be aware that the option to take the exam is open throughout the year.

Types of GRE Exam

There are two types of GRE tests :

1) GRE General Test

2) GRE Subject Test

General Test

The general test is either a computer-based test taken at an assigned test centre or a paper-based one, which is taken on paper. In India, applicants are expected to choose the computer-based test, as there is no paper-based GRE test in India.

GRE at Home Test: The option of the home-based test is open for candidates on the grounds of health and safety. GRE test can be taken from home if the aspirant can assure of the requirements and follows instructions by the ETS. There should be no disturbances during the whole test at home.

Subject Test

The GRE Subject Test evaluates a candidate’s expertise on a specific subject. The subjects are chemistry, mathematics, physics, and psychology. Scores on these tests are valid and reportable for five years, as per the GRE score policy. The GRE Subject Test is for clearing admission to particular courses or even specialized programmes. It is conducted thrice each year. It generally takes place during September, October, and April. The approximate duration of the test is two hours and 50 minutes. Applicants are expected to appear for only one of the subjects: chemistry, mathematics, physics, or Psychology.

Common Difficulties

It’s common for difficulties to arise when you start preparing. Some issues that may crop up include:

–        Lack of knowledge and awareness about your strengths and weaknesses.

–        Syllabus division gone wrong

–        Selection of study material gone wrong

–        Not finding standard self-assessment or tests.

Preparation hacks

Generally, students take three different approaches for GRE preparation: self-preparation, the help of a personal trainer, and coaching classes. 

Some other ways are:

–        Taking sample tests

–        Referring books

–        Seeking guidance

–        Being consistent

–        Taking feedback

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