Importance of Entrance Exams For Students

Importance of Entrance Exams For Students

Today’s generation has mixed opinions and reactions regarding entrance tests. Some are in favour of it, while some are against it. Some students think that it’s just a burden laid on students, and for some, it is an opportunity to reach their dream career. I support both statements. In this world of competition, students are already burdened with their basic course syllabus. But, one cannot deny that prestigious institutes in India and abroad choose students based on their entrance exam scores and hardly give importance to the marks obtained in school or college.

Every student can do great in examinations, but the potential has to be transformed into strategic thinking for performing well in entrance exams. Those who want to pursue an MBA in top-B schools have to pass the MBA Entrance Exam since the admission is based on the CAT scores.

Entrance exams are entirely different from school or college exams. However, their preparation starts from school. In this article, we will discuss the significance of the entrance exam and some tips to get excellent marks in the exam.

Why is the Entrance Exam Essential?

In the current scenario, if you want to get into a prestigious college, you have to pass the entrance test. It has become the eligibility criteria for admission to most colleges or universities. But, it is not everybody’s cup of tea to pass the entrance exam. One needs to work hard to score the expected percentile. The entrance exams are entirely different from the school exams. After Class 10, students need to prepare themselves to face the entrance exams at all levels, be it for graduation, post-graduation or doctorate programmes.

For students, entrance exams have become a crucial part of their academic journey. Students work themselves from their school level for the entrance exams like IIT, AIEEE, GMAT, CAT etc. Once they pass their Class 10 boards, they start coaching for these entrance exams. In these entrance exams, one should be studious and dedicated to achieving a high percentile. Students should train themselves so that they can answer every question quickly. They can complete this only if they are thorough with the subject.

Entrance Exams Tests Student’s Knowledge

Entrance tests are not so helpful for students who are excellent in their core subjects but average in others. For example, a student of Class 12 can be good at core subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and maths. However, the board exam aggregate percentage was not so good because of not scoring good marks in subjects like English. But, the students can outperform in the entrance exam and get admitted to the course he wishes to be.

These entrance exams test the student’s theoretical and subject knowledge. So, the multiple-choice questions are framed intelligently by highly qualified professionals. Students should attempt the entire paper in the allotted time. Entrance exams do not feel like a burden for confident students about themselves.

Removes Entrance Exam Fear

To score a good percentile in these exams, the key factors are proper time management and determination. When they are about to appear for the entrance exam, students always fear it because they lack time to prepare. They are always occupied with college learning, and working on both is a challenging task. Students should balance the university exam and entrance exam and devote study time for both exams to get admitted to reputed institutes. Apart from this, one has to maintain mental balance as it can impact the performance in exams. Hence, regular study and hard work are essential for students to crack the entrance exam and pursue their dream.

How to Score Good Marks in Entrance Exam

Divide your time to give equal attention to all the subjects. Start exam preparation by solving the previous years’ papers, mock test papers, etc. By solving last years’ papers, you will get an idea of the question paper pattern and marking scheme. Students should work on their fundamental concepts and refer to a few books. It is advisable not to refer to various books as it can lead to confusion. To avoid careless mistakes, enhance your problem-solving skills through sincere and dedicated practice. Solve the mock test papers to get an idea about the examination pattern. People who pursue MBA are often asked, Why MBA and the answers differ according to the person. Generally, people choose the path of MBA to add another degree to their educational qualifications and get a well-settled job.

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