Top Reasons why Laminated Motorcycle Graphics are better


Lamination is a clear and protective layer applied to motorcycle graphics. The primary purpose of lamination is to offer an ideal level of protection to the graphics. Usually, the motorcycle graphics tend to be shiny. Therefore, laminated bike graphics are a great way to safeguard them from wear and tear. 

Laminated motorcycle graphics also provide a layer of UV protection to your bike. The additional laminated layer decreases ink fading, which enhances your motorcycle’s looks. The KTM motocross graphics come with an extra layer of lamination which protects them from everyday scratches and abrasions. 

Laminated stickers are better protected, and the graphics remain intact. Here are some fundamental reasons you should always consider investing in laminated motorcycle graphics.     

Laminated Graphics are Water, Smudge, and Tear-Resistant 

One of the key highlights of laminated decals is their durability. Lamination increases the durability and strength of motorcycle graphics. Note that lamination also protects printed decals from stains, accidental spills, and smudges. 

While riding your motorcycle, it is pretty common to attract pollutants and dust particles. 

The steady accumulation of these pollutants tends to degrade the shine of the motorcycle decals. Opting for laminated graphics is possibly the ideal way to make your motorcycle unique. Lamination also secures your motorcycle decals from elements like oil, dirt, and grease. 

The Durability of the Decals increases 

In any type of quality motorcycle wrap job, the technician always uses laminated decals. It is pretty essential in case you park your motorcycles in the open space. Outdoor atmospheric elements can degrade the looks of the motorcycle decals in a quick time. 

The laminated layer adds thickness which strengthens and makes the decal rigid. Note that a well-laminated decal is durable against high-pressure washing. 

Custom Husqvarna Military Cartoon Graphics

By opting for a high-quality laminated decal, you can now send your motorcycle for regular cleaning. Husqvarna MX graphics are popular because of their ability to make motorcycles unique. In addition, riders usually ride on rugged terrains, making their bikes collect a lot of dirt. Laminated decals are an ideal option to protect your motorcycle from dust particles irrespective of the terrain.   

Lamination enhances the Overall Aesthetics 

Apart from protection, lamination enhances the overall aesthetics of your motorcycle. Being transparent, lamination improves the appearance of the decal by rendering it a vibrant look. 

And as lamination is transparent, you can use it on any type of colour shade. Laminated vinyl decals don’t cause tinting, which provides them with a premium appearance. Note that lamination comes in two types of finishes. They are as follows:

  • Glossy 

Glossy laminated decals are attractive and boast a better colour contrast. In addition, glossy laminates provide decals with a glowing appearance. 

  • Matte 

Matte laminates render the decals a softer and mellower look. If you are investing in decals with specific messages, then opt for matte laminates. In addition, matte laminates improve the readability of the decals. 

Undoubtedly, laminated motorcycle graphics are suitable for changing the overall looks of your bike. Ensure that you buy laminated bike decals from reputed manufacturers to get proper installation kits with a warranty.

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