Maintaining Momentum: How to Keep Your Child Motivated to Ride Bikes

Maintaining Momentum: How to Keep Your Child Motivated to Ride Bikes

When your child first masters balancing and pedaling a bike, they can’t get enough time zipping up and down the street. But as the novelty wears off, their riding enthusiasm can wane. As a parent, keeping your kid motivated ensures they benefit from the exercise, confidence and independence riding provides. With creative incentives and an encouraging approach, cycling can become a lifelong passion.

Make It About Bonding

Rather than just shooing them outdoors alone, make bike time about togetherness. Plan short rides around the neighborhood that you can do side-by-side, like an evening cruise to see holiday decorations or a weekend trip to the park. Chat while pedaling and make a point to praise their progress. Ask about their favorite parts of riding, like speeding downhill or cruising with no hands. If you share their enjoyment, they’ll associate biking with special parent bonding time.  

Try New Places

Explore exciting new areas to add variety and adventure. Load up the adults and kids’ bikes for a ride along a bike path or trail with fun sights. Head to the skate park so they can practice ramps and berms in a safe area. Scope out hills perfect for a coasting contest. Discovering new nearby spots perks up the usual neighborhood laps. For longer rides, tow them in a bike trailer or child seat so they can tag along with minimal pedaling. Experiencing new terrain together sparks motivation, according to the folk at Woom.

Set Milestone Goals

Kids thrive when they have small goals to work toward. Have them track cycles around the block and praise each new record. Plan a series of family bike adventures working up to a “big” ride, like tackling a longer trail or hilly loop. Complete cycling skills challenges, like learning to ride standing up or conquering a tricky rock garden. Achieving mini milestones boosts confidence to keep at it. Use stickers, treats or bike gear as rewards for goals met. A sense of progress is a powerful motivation.

Organize Group Rides

The social aspect of riding is huge for kids. Organize rides with other families in your neighborhood so your child has buddies. Check local bike shops and recreation departments for group rides or cycling clubs for students. Pack a fun picnic to enjoy at the end of the ride. Being part of a crew makes hitting the road appealing. They can challenge each other while showing off new skills. Group rides build important teamwork and peer bonds centered on bikes.

Make It a Daily Habit

Work riding into their daily routine so it becomes habit, not a chore. Designate bike commute days to school or walk the bike to the park. Set up an obstacle course in the driveway for quick evening practice. On weekends, replace screen time with mandatory outdoor time on bikes. Briefly riding every day keeps skills sharp. Consistent riding without long breaks prevents backsliding that discourages kids. Celebrate streaks like a “30 Days of Riding Challenge” with a prize. Making riding an ingrained habit sticks better than forced occasions.


As kids grow and interests evolve, their riding enthusiasm may fluctuate. But as a parent, you play a key role in nurturing their enjoyment of cycling over the long-term. Make rides about spending time together, not just exercise. Explore exciting new places that spark adventure. Set achievable goals to instill confidence. Organize social group rides with peers they admire. Develop a daily riding habit but keep it fun, not forced. Your support and infectious passion will motivate them to continue pursuing the thrill of bikes for years to come.

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