Some prominent information about Kiosk banking


About Kiosk Banking –

The RBI (reserve bank of India) explains financial inclusion as the process of ensuring employing the financial facilities. Kiosk banking plays a pivotal role in the inclusion of Kiosk banking it has been introduced especially for remote areas of the country as the people from rural areas remain untouched from such facilities.

The functions of Kiosk banking

If you are wandering you do not know how does it function then do not worry government is truly concerned for you all. A retailer need to open a no- frills bank for their customer by tracking record of fingerprint details as a proof and take a photograph of the customer. The details and documents will be forwarded to the authorized bank branch which will proceed for further customer process. When customer will be done with all the formalities then he/she can open their account, deposit money.

SBI Kiosk Banking –

SBI has the largest branch network in the country which gives invitation of individuals/NGOs/ Companies.

The advantages for customer –

  • SBI is working for customer so they are making things easy, so depositing will be easy for each and every customer. They will be able to withdraw easily and cash remittance.
  • Customer will not have to be worried about depositing because it can be done from everywhere.
  • There will be no Queues.
  • This gives you rush free of opening saving accounts.
  • Loans will be easy to take against Term Deposit Receipt (TDR) etc.
  • The best part will be SBI kiosk banking that you will have to deal with less KYC documents.
  • There will not be any travel expenses which made poor to procrastinate from going to banks.
  • SBI has launched many Yojana such as GCC (General Purpose Credit card)/ Kisan Credit card (KCC).
  • There will be Term deposit/ recurring deposit.
  • Customers will have regular SBI Bank Account.
  • Transfer subsidies, Scholarships and other benefits can be directly credited to the account.
  • There will be a ‘No Frill SBI Accounts’ through Kiosk Banking Model.

In partnership with SBI Kiosk banking –

For becoming part of SBI Kiosk banking you just have to take care of few things. CSC SPC will enrol SCA as Sub and VLE shall be Customer Service point (CSP) in each agreement with SBI for providing this amenity. Kiosk banking has provided all the sources and partnership which is accessible for all the Customer service Point with good data availability. If you are part of VLE they can easily enrol for this amenity through SCA.

Talking about some other state and other agencies are involved in implementing the Kiosk banking in official areas and you may talk about my oxygen because it is one among them which has been assigned for Madhya Pradesh state, they offer kiosk banking outlets.


Customers could apply in Kiosk banking –

  • Customer will jump when they will hear this, they do not need minimum balance or charges, it will even run in zero balance because it is a no- frill account.
  • You can easily be on SBI bank even having zero balance.
  • Modern era has modified bank too as customers do not need signatures, they will only have to give them impression of their thumb to access/ employ account.
  • Customer could go for maximum transaction of Rs 10, 000 each month. You cannot transfer more than this.
  • There will not be any cheque book for issuing.
  • The transactions will be done by the person in person (the account holder).
  • Customer can keep maximum limit of balance is Rs 50, 000(if customer will keep more than this balance then the account will automatically turn into regular bank account and then the terms of the bank and documents will be applied to these accounts)


New Kiosk has been launched with its awesome features such as –

  • The only existing BCA will be able to download TDS certificates from this website.
  • The existing VLE can also register on this portal for having information of their commission.
  • The VLEs who are existing BCs or those who have become new BCs will be able in downloading Software installation kit and manuals from this portal.
  • There will be new BCA registration which is an Aadhaar based on this portal by signing up through, will be allowed to pick up their bank locations/ areas.
  • The BCA who have missed out information during registration will be allowed to update their information.

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