Some vital information that you must know about horse racing

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If you are someone who is interested in horse racing and are thinking of either trying it out for yourself or just going to the galleries to watch an event, then this article would be beneficial for you. In this article, you will learn about the history, pros and different forms of horse racing as a sport.


Horse racing is one of the most popular sporting events in the world after football. This game has been considered to be a game for kings and noblemen for thousands of years. It is an ancient sporting event. Chariot racing had been a popular sport with the ancient Greeks, the Romans, and even the Byzantines. It was also a game in the old Olympic Games. The beginnings of modern horse racing lie in the twelfth century when the English knights returned from their crusades and brought along fast Arabian horses.

Having a large number of horses from Arabia meansquick breedingof English mares in the next four hundred years. Because of this, a lot of new horses were bred that had both speed and also endurance. In the time of Queen Anne during 1702 and 1714, horse racing flourished as a sport. Spectators would throng the race courses to watch horse-racing all-over England during this time. The Jockey Club got established in 1750 to regulate horse racing in England.

Types of horse racing

An equestrian sport, horse racing originated in Central Asia. It is an ancient sport, and nomadic tribesmen from Central Asia have been indulging in horse racing for thousands of years. In modern times, horse racing is a professional sporting event that is played in Canada, Australia, South Africa, England, USA, South America, New Zealand, India and so on. Different types of racing forms are included in horse racing like the flat racing, the steeplechasing which involves jumping over hurdles, racing with harnesses, hurdle racing and so on. There is a lot of prestigious horse racing events organized throughout the year like the Kentucky Derby, the Triple Tiara, The Belmont Stakes and so on.

Significant Forms of horse racing in the modern era

You can find a lot of different types of horse racing today throughout the world. Thoroughbred racing is a popular racing form, flat racing and steeplechasing are also popular. Point to point racing is also a popular racing form. Thoroughbred and flat racing is a unique type of racing where particular kinds of horses are allowed to participate in the racing. Today horse racing is a recognized form of professional sports, and it takes jockeys years of practice to become good at it. You can visit TVG to learn more about horse racing and how you can be successful in this sporting event.


One of the oldest sporting events in the world is horse racing. Currently, there are different types of horse racing events around the globe. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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