Step By Step Guide to Book Ooty Toy Train in Advance

ooty toy train

Ooty, a fond nickname for the station of Udagamandalam, is one of the favourite holiday destinations for tourists and travellers alike. With its spans of greenery and exotic climate, Ooty is sure to win your heart and satiate your wanderlust. To make your Ooty trip even more remarkable, it is highly recommended that you take a ride on the Ooty Toy Train to your dream station! To book your train ticket well in advance, so as to skip the humdrum of peak season and holidays or to avoid long queues at the counter, you have to reserve your Toy Train seats beforehand.

Ooty Toy Train Schedules 

ooty toy train

Before you decide on which toy train to book in advance, it’s suggested that you have a look at the Ooty Toy Train schedules. That way, you can easily compare which train ticket booking should suit you best. The following are the Ooty Toy Train timings.

From Mettupalayam to Ooty:

Train No From Departure To Arrival Duration
56136 Mettupalayam 7:10 Ooty 12:00 4h 50m

From Coonoor to Ooty:

Train No From Departure To Arrival Duration
56141 Coonoor 7:45 Ooty 9:05 1h 20m
56136 Coonoor 10:40 Ooty 12:00 1h 20m
56143 Coonoor 12:35 Ooty 13:50 1h 15m
56138 Coonoor 16:30 Ooty 17:45 1h 15m

From Ooty to Mettupalayam:

Train No From Departure To Arrival Duration
56137 Ooty 14:00 Mettupalayam 17:35 3h 35m

From Ooty to Coonoor:

Train No. From Departure To Arrival Duration
56139 Ooty 9:15 Coonoor 10:25 1h 10m
56142 Ooty 12:15 Coonoor 13:20 1h 5m
56137 Ooty 14:00 Coonoor 15:05 1h 15m
56140 Ooty 18:00 Coonoor 19:10 1h 10m

All these trains run on every day of the week, including holidays.

Ooty Toy Train Ticket Charges:

The following are the base fares for your train ticket booking:

Class Train No. Amount (INR)
First Class 56136 250
Second Class 56136 30


Class Train No. Amount (INR)
First Class 56139 150
Second Class 56139 25

This toy-train journey runs over a short route. Therefore, first class and second class bookings are not known to have much difference.

How to Pre-Book Your Ooty Toy Train ticket?

Besides booking on the IRCTC online portal, you can easily get your train booking from any IRCTC official partner. On these online sites, you can easily access the online ticket booking portal, check the seat availability for the relevant train (e.g., Ooty Toy Train), the probability of seat confirmation, book your ticket and check PNR status of train tickets within a minute. Don’t worry! The payment is safe and encrypted, and there is an easy cancellation option too with refunds in real time. You can follow these steps for pre-booking your train ticket.

  • Open the IRCTC official partner site and click the ‘Book Train Ticket’ portal.
  • Enter your details into the ‘From Station’, ‘To Station’, ‘Journey Date’, ‘Class’ and ‘Quota’ sections

For example, to book the Ooty Toy Train ticket from Coonoor to Ooty, Mr Mehta enters the following:

From Station> Coonoor    To Station> Udagamandalam

Journey Date> 5 September 2018

Class> First Class

Quota> General
  • Click on ‘Search Trains’, and get your desired train list.
  • Check the seat availability, schedule, route of the relevant train and if desired, you can even re-filter your choices.

For example, Mr Mehta’s suitable choice is MTP UAM PASSR (56136) after going through the details.

  • Click on the ‘Book’ box of the train of choice, and check the ticket fee.
  • Now, add the passenger details, trip type, contact information, address (optional) and city name. Check into the Travel insurance policy, if desired.

For example, this is the entry of Mr Deepak Mehta, Mrs Smriti Mehta and Suman Mehta.

Add Adult> Male Add Adult> Female 

Deepak Mehta Smriti Mehta
35 29

Add Child> Female

Suman Mehta


Trip type> Personal

Contact information> [email protected]


City> Jamnagar
  • Tick into the relevant ‘auto upgradation’ and ‘Cancellation and Refund policy’ boxes and click on ‘Proceed to book’.
  • Enter your IRCTC User Details. If you don’t have an IRCTC User ID yet, you can easily create a new IRCTC account for free.
  • Once you are done, pay your ticket fee plus minimal service charges, if applicable, through a secure online payment gateway.
  • That’s it! Download your ticket details and pack your bags for your memorable trip ahead.

This is how you book your Ooty Toy train ticket in advance and avoid the hassle and uncertainty of buying tickets at the station counter. Pre-booking your Toy Train seats will let you enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Nilgiri hills have to offer and make your Ooty trip remarkable without any kind of hassle.

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